About V4 grant: Black metals decorated with surface receptors as high-potentiality materials for gas sensing

Countries Involved

Project Description

This collaborative research aims to develop low-cost and highly sensitive sensors for NOX and organic nitrate detection at room temperature by incorporating Black Metals (BM) films decorated with receptors of organic substances and 2D materials that can selectively adsorb gases. Specifically, the Japan team will fabricate and characterize the BM films and develop a new fabrication process, the Czech team will process the BM films by laser, deposit the receptors (organic and 2D materials) on the BM films, and evaluate the sensor performance. The Slovakia team will evaluate the mechanical properties of the BM films and synthesize 2D materials. The Hungary team will evaluate the BM films by various structural and compositional analyses. The Poland team will synthesize organic molecules that are not commercially available and are suitable for receptors with high gas selectivity. By combining the five countries’ technologies in manufacturing, synthesis, evaluation and analysis, it becomes possible to realize a new high performance sensor that will be used for environmental monitoring and explosive marker detection. This will contribute toward maintaining a safe and secure society.

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  • Kickoff meeting

    19th November 2021.. Photo_kickoff

Consortium leaders

Přemysl Fitl


Midori Kawamura


Matej Mičušík


Gabriela Dyrda


Tamás Fodor